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Neil Ferry



by alexandre moors & raphaelle gosse-gardet

After two music videos developed together for Rone and Sabrina Bellaouel (GINKGO BILOBA and ARAB LIQUOR that I've directed in 2020 and 2021), movie producer Olivier Berne  (©La Main) called on my skills as an editor to revisit the initial format of CASHMERE AND RUBIES music video by Neil Ferry according to the artistic intentions of co-directors Alexandre Moors and Raphaëlle Gosse-Gardet.


crew & cast

creative process

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Music by ... Neil Ferry

Directed by ... Alexandre Moors & Raphaelle Gosse-Gardet

Produced by ... La Main Productions

With the support of ... the CNC

Edited by ... Sarah Al Atassi

Sound design by ... Zaïd Sahli

Graphic design by ... "Kako Al San"  (Sarah Al Atassi)


Neil Ferry ... Himself

Eloy ferry ... Neil's father

Marilyn Lima ... Neil's girlfriend

Jean Gillet ... Solo guitar

Tehani Amant ... Solo dancer

Christy Mourot ... Solo dancer

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creative process

Given that I edit my films myself (including the music videos we worked on together), Olivier knew my work in this area. When I met Raphaëlle Gosse-Gardet, codirector of Cashmere And Rubies alongside Alexandre Moors, the collaboration turned obvious! Also DOP of the film, she trusted me to develop the desired "Director's cut" version.

To build a more in-depth storytelling, we rethought the filmic register of the original video (exclusively musical) so as to bring out a hybrid variation, not only on the formal level but also in terms of substance. To do so, we opted for playing with visual and narrative codes in favor of an editing style resolutely meta. I included new content, such as voiceover + real-life and behind-the-scenes footage, in order to tighten the story in a less careful intimacy than is the trend in current music video industry (where the aesthetic, sometimes too stylized, can affect the authenticity of the message the artist undertakes to convey through their music). With the adjustments, the film genre evolved, transforming the original music edit into a speaking portrait.

In the end, the directors' cut feels more like a slice-of-life documentary about the artist behind the music you're listening to than an exercise in style modeled on our times.

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