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prends mon poing

modern western

Bilal is a violent outsider who lives in the middle of nowhere, between drinking, fucking and fighting. He thinks with his fists. One day, he comes across a worthy rival. The two will lock horns in confrontation.

PMP_Sarah Al Atassi_9_edited.jpg


Writer-Director ... Sarah Al Atassi

Screenplay support ... Naïla Guiguet
Producer ... la Fémis
TV Distributor ... CANAL+ (post-release purchase)
Script supervisor ...
Juliette Moreau
Director of Photography ... Evgenia Alexandrova
Sound mixer ... Hugo Deguillard
Head decorator ... Pauline Doublier
Costumes supervisor ... Avril Lecocq
Editor ... Sarah Al Atassi
Colorist ... Vincent Amor
Original Music Soundtrack ... Julien Rosamond


Bilal ... Michel Mhanna Santoni

The Other ... Michel Biel

Nobody ... Lola Dubus

Party Guy ... Cédric Welsch

Garage Manager ... Fouad Ziani

night cap

redirect button to read the interview with director Sarah Al Atassi about her film Prends Mon Poing at 40th Clermont-Ferrand Festival

film talk

40th Clermont ISFFSarah Al Atassi & Michel Mhanna Santoni by Sophie Marchand
00:00 / 14:41
25th Désir...Désirs FestivalSarah Al Atassi by Stéphan Mary
00:00 / 28:16


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival ... France
Indielisboa International Film Festival ... Portugal
The American French Film Festival (ex-COLCOA) ... Hollywood, USA
FIFIB - Bordeaux International Independent Film Festival ... France
Chéries-Chéris - Lesbians, Gays, Bi, Trans & +++ Film Festival ... Paris, France
Concorto International Short Film Festival ... Italia
In The Palace - Balchik International Short Film Festival ... Bulgaria
London Short Film Festival ... England
Chacun Son Court ... Strasbourg, France
Pink Screens - Brussels Queer Film Festival ... Belgium
Roze Filmdagen - Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival ... Netherlands
Metz Subversive Film Festival (Festival du Film Subversif de Metz) ... France
Désir...Désirs - LGBTQIA+ Film Festival ... Tours, France
Lago Film Fest ... Italia
Partie(s) de Campagne ... France
Ciné en Herbe ... France
CRXSSING ... London, England
Mecal Pro - Barcelona International Short & Animation Film Festival ... Spain
Liege International Detective-Crime Film Festival ... Belgium


17th Concorto Int. Short Film Festival - IT -2018



"For the new and strong director’s style that allows powerful acting performances to analyse and mock a toxic and primitive virility" — the Jury (Giovanni Aloi, Eibh Collins, Christos Massalas, Simone Rovellini, Giulio Sangiorgio)

30th Montluçon Short Film Festival - FR - 2018


Ciné En Herbe is an Auvergne festival intended to highlight young filmmakers whose film, selected in national competition at the 40th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, caught the special attention of the programming committee


Carte Blanche to film students at Blaise Pascal high school - Clermont-Ferrand, FR - 2019



Private Film Lessons held at La Jetée, famous film documentation center managed by the association "Sauve qui peut le Court-Métrage", founder of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. This special event did set as a comparative study centered on the key themes behind the making of Prends Mon Poing (Fist): virility and violence. Focus on the overall issues raised by mirroring such core axes.

film stills

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