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blue queen

bleu reine

feminist justice journey

Told as a fast-and-glorious epic, Blue Queen brings to life the thrilling victory of a modern-day heroine. That of Nina, a young waitress who works in a tobacco bar in the suburbs of Paris (France). Her boss, Georges, has no good consideration for her and refuses to pay his employee. But Nina intends to reclaim her wages. At nightfall, thanks to the help of her partner-in-crime, Kevin, a failure with a big heart, she will take revenge as a reborn badass queen.

music snack

Pose Ton Gun (translated into English as Put Down Da Gun) was composed and performed by Supreme NTM, a prestigious French hip hop band formed in 1989 in Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris suburbs) by Joey Starr and Kool Shen. This track was a huge hit in the late 1990s. The honor is all the greater for me to have paid tribute to their talent through Blue Queen. Big thanks to these major artists for making such a courtesy donation to the film's soundtrack.

Director ... Sarah Al Atassi
Screenwriter ... Médéric de Watteville
Co-writer ... Sarah Al Atassi
Producers ... Clémence Crépin-Neel + Francesca Ettorre
Executive producer ... ARTE + SWR
Line producer ... Caïmans Productions
Director of photography ... Evgenia Alexandrova
Sound mixer ... Hugo Deguillard
Stunt coordinator ... Mathieu Lardot
Costumes supervisor ... Avril Lecocq
Colorist ... Vincent Amor
Music soundtrack ... Suprême NTM + Rone

Assa Sylla ... Nina

Michel Mhanna Santoni ... Kevin

Raphaël Thiéry ... Boss



Girogirocorto Film Festival ... Rome, Italia

Goethe Institut ... Paris, France

Französischen Filmtage Tübingen ... Dresde, Germany

International Student Film Festival ... Casablanca, Morocco

Solidarity Festival of the Arènes de Montmartre ... Paris, France

►​ Girogirocorto best short films retrospective

Partie(s) de Campagne ... Ouroux-en-Morvan, France

►​ "Carte Blanche" screening by actor Raphaël Thiéry (selection of his best film memories)




NTM - Pose Ton Gun
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