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hobbies season 1

gasoline-breathin family

More than just a tradition, Tractor Pulling is a lifelong hobby for the motor junkies featured in this slice-of-life documentary. Passed down from father to son, engine legacy has been deeply rooted in their history. Discover a family of tractor-racing competitors bound across generations, not only by blood, but also by fuel.

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The Hue Team has been practicing power pulling for decades. Their device: a tractor, inflated with hormones like a war machine, whose toughness is only matched by the name: "Excalibur". Their goal: tow a trailer weighing several tons over more than 100 meters without breaking their precious engine. The Hues thus crisscross the regions of France, and sometimes well beyond territorial borders, to carry out their passion for this atypical motor sport. From Normandy to Brittany, this documentary will immerse you in the heart of a mutually united French brotherhood around a unique hobby.


Writer-Director ... Sarah Al Atassi
Producer ... Superstructure
oducer ... ZED
Distributor ... CANAL+
Director of Photograp
hy ... Evgenia Alexandrova
Sound mixer ... Hugo Deguillard
Film editor ... Sarah Al Atassi

Sound editor ... Lucien Richardson
Colorist ... Vincent Amor

Re-recording mixer ... Thibaut Macquart
Original music soundtrack ... Vincent Girault

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EXCALIBUR by Sarah Al-Atassi (Canal+2019)

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