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Heart rush.

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Whether hermetic or explicit, Perspektiv is a sonic interpretation of a world made of violence, in morbid conflict with itself. The Raw, Mental and Aggressive sound of Perspektiv sets the macabre backdrop in which evolve beings nourished by unhealthy intentions and occult knowledge, who are the slaves of their own corrupt technologies. This EP was imagined such as a presentation of the universe of which Perspektiv narrates the tales. Imagine a night trip along the Atlantic coast of Neo Casablanca (whose city have been half submerged by the ocean in 2077). Markovian Breach is what's on the radio right now. And Unchained Data: the acid that fuels seedy areas thugs. In this dystopian future, where war weapons are now data, the sound of Perspektiv carjacks hearts from Morocco and beyond. Between sparks and bite demon, dive into a nouveau monde, where techno transmutes white noise into emotions.

      tash records


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